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Protective mask with filter (1 piece)

  • KidsMED - a protective textile mask with a replaceable filter, reusable is one of the elements that increases the safety of ourselves and people close to us.

Reusable KIDSMED mask, with replaceable filter, with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for raw materials for its production, Polish product.


It reduces the risk of infection with droplet transmitted viruses, and protects against atmospheric pollution.

It has replaceable non-woven filters.


How to use cotton anti-virus protective masks - reusable?

   - Before putting on the mask, clean your hands with a disinfectant with alcohol or wash with water and soap.
    -Put the mask on your face. Depending on whether the mask is equipped with an elastic band or a ribbon, in the case of an elastic band you should stretch them behind your ears, and in the case of a ribbon, tie them to the back of your head. In the description of our masks there is information whether the mask has an elastic band or ribbon.
   - Avoid touching the mask when using it. If you do this, try to wash or sanitize your hands.
   -After use, remove the mask and keep it away from your face and clothing to avoid potentially contaminated surfaces.
   -Wash your hands or disinfect them.
   -After removing the mask, we can wash it in a washing machine at 95 ° C with a washing agent or scald it.
   -The mask can be ironed and additionally sprayed with an antibacterial agent.
   -Your mask is ready to be used again.


The masks are made of high quality cotton, which helps to keep cleanliness, hygiene and increases our resistance to surrounding bacteria and viruses. The masks are light, soft and comfortable. The masks do not irritate the skin and allow free air flow.

The high quality of the material and yarn supplied by our suppliers and used for the production of masks is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate - it is a certificate that is a global safety mark for textile products. Products awarded this mark are free of harmful substances in concentrations that have a negative impact on human health, among others: pesticides, chloro phenols, formaldehyde, allergenic dyes, prohibited nitrogen dyes and extracted heavy metals.

Price per 1 piece
Pieces per 1 pack (approx.)


Hinta alk.2.20 €


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